Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prom disaster?

ok. me n' my best friend(now ex-bestfriend) decided to go to prom with this girl i dont rele know and som kid who were gunna tak us. i wasnt sure if i could go cuz i had to call the kid and get all the facts strieght and i dont even kno the guy. well i finally gotta hold of his dad and told him that i was goin. he said yeah everything is cool. so i tried to get a hold of my then Best friend but she doesnt have a cell so i figured if she wasnt sure if i could go she would call me right? NO!...his dad told me that they would be around 5:30 to pik me up. so im waiting all dolled up in the front yard for my "best friend". ..its already 6:45 and no one shows up... so im all upset thinking that they forgot about me...then she calles me."oh. were u supposed to come with us?" i was like WTF?! they had all left already without me! now i dont know about u but i wouldnt just leave my bestfriend without calling and making sure if everything is ok. did she rele care about me?

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