Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have you ever converted from christianity

WOW -- What an insightful question! I too went to a Catholic school but when I realized a lot of what your saying. Also the more research I did the more I came to learn that Christianity was spread by the sword by Emperors who needed to dominate over the mes which is why Kings are always Head of the Church despite being amoral themselves. Also, the Gospels were not written by the disciples but by appointees of the King and have taken many stories from earlier religions like "of immaculate birth"/ "rising from the dead"/ "walking on water" all of which are well doented in Hindusim and Buddhism which have been around for 1000's of years before Christ. Also, Christianity is one of the youngest religions yet it states that everyone who does not believe in JC goes to hell so for 1000's of years before JC every soul went to hell??? And it says that a serial killer can go to heaven if on his death bed he accepts JC and yet a social worker will go to hell if he does good work all his life but does not accept JC as his Savior. Anyone with half a brain knows this is total BS. Thats why today I have embraced Buddhism since its the only religion that does not define God. It says that there is a Higher Power but you can forge a one on one relationship with this Power and no man, no book, no parent, no preacher, no historical event, no future prognostication has any business telling you how to love, connect with, obey, be inspired by your Higher Power. You know how to connect with your Higher Source so pray and celebrate the miracles in your own life not in history books. Meditate to make some quiet time to spend with your Higher Power where you block out the world and all its BS. It therefore puts the focus on not giving you rules and regulation that your ancestors were forced to adopt at sword point but inspires you to be the best you can be and do the best work you can do i.e. generate good karma. Its also the only religion that has never been spread by the sword or blood and has no Evangelical wing. They say most visionaries are Buddhist from Hollywood directors like George Lucas and Oliver Stone to stars like Orlando Bloom and Richard Gere to celebs like Tiger Woods and Steve Jobs not because its cool but because its a thinking man's religion .. Einstein called it the religion of the future and a Cover Story of Time Magazine called it the fastest growing religion in the west (with a pic of Brad Pitt fyi) coz its more about following your conscience and inner voice than a lot of hog wash dos and don'ts. I'm not hear to preach about Buddhism -- just telling you that it helped fill the void when I developed serious doubts about the Church like you. And the fact that the Church is a known haven for pedophilia is inexcusable. Anyway, I still respect all faiths and love Christians as Buddha teaches us but am so blessed to have found a culture I can really believe in. Hope you find your own answer as well ..

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