Thursday, November 10, 2011

I think that i should leave him!!?

i have a boyfriend that ive been with for four months now. but things arent really going to well. i have been hoping for the best for us because things arent always bad until he starts to drink. i dont know how to deal with his behavior while hes intoxicated!! hes uncontrolable. but when hes sober hes such a nice person. i wish i can see that side of him all the time but i cant. i mean, hes a grown man and i cant really tell him to stop drinking!! so i just really dont know what to do. he has just as much cons as he does pro's. so im kinda like very confused on what to do with this guy! i hate to leave him because i love him. but at the same time, his behavior is really startin to get old!! man, i dont know what to do!!

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